Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

GRAND KNIGHT - Walt Pinkas

The Knights of Columbus was organized  in 1882 by Father Michael J McGivney  
in the basement of St Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut. Since the
founding, the Order of the Knights of Columbus has grown to 1.6 million
members throughout the world.

It is an organization of Catholic men committed to the principles of :
Charity - Unity - Fraternity and Patriotism.

The Monsignor Francis J Desmond Council 13348 serves the parish of
St Jude The Apostle Church. Regular monthly meetings are the 2nd Wednesday
of each month. For further information contact the Grand Knight or any 
Council member.    Vivat Jesus.

Chaplain - Rev. Thomas Flowers
Grand Knight -Walter Pinkas
Deputy Grand Knight - Chuck Augustine
Chancellor - Joseph Wilkens  
Recorder -Ernest Tramposch
Financial Secretary - Bob Doyle
Lecturer - Al Derickson
Treasurer - Gregory Kunsman
Advocate - Greg Marciniak
Warden - Wayne Cervantes
Inside Guard - Jim Blake
Outside Guard - Paul Duca

Trustee - Dan Vliet
Trustee - Jack Gunder 
Trustee - Stan Stoklosa