Take Time on Tuesday

Take Time on Tuesday

January 9, 2018


  • Hope that you all survived the winter weather without too many problems!
  • Just a reminder that we will have class this Sunday and Monday, January 14/15, despite the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.
  • Since there was no class last week, we’ll do the Blessing of the Building this week. The service will take place in the Gathering Space before each session. Parents are welcome!
  • Our annual Coat & Blanket Drive will take place on Saturday, January 20, here in the Religious Education Center from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Your donation of new or “gently used” coats, blankets, bedding, & outerwear will be distributed to the needy in Sussex County by Casa San Francisco in Milton.
  • Please start saving your extra canned goods to donate to our Souper Bowl Food Drive for the needy, which will be held on February 3/4 outside of the Parish Life Center at all the Masses.
  • Important Parish Activities:
  • Starting this weekend, January 13/14, all Masses will be held in the Parish Life Center while renovations to the church sanctuary proceed. These will hopefully be completed in 6-8 weeks. For those of you with young children, please be aware that there will be NO Little Disciples while we are in the PLC.
  • Important Religious Education Activities:
  • January 20: Coat & Blanket Drive. See above.
  • Answer to Last Week’s Trivia Question:

Last week was kind of a trick question. Tradition holds that the three magi were a) Caspar, Melchior, & Balthazzar, as Dru Gerace, Bill Vitolo, Shannon Lincoln, & Lauren Dickinson said. However, if we refer to the Gospel account in Matthew 2: 1-12, the answer is actually d). We don’t know their names, or, in fact, how many there were. The Bible only says that “magi from the east” came to look for Jesus. The idea that there were three comes from the fact that they brought (at least) three gifts. I’ll try not to be so tricky in the future – unless I just can’t resist!

  • This Week’s Trivia Question:

What’s another name for the Ten Commandments?

  1. a) The Ark of the Covenant                        c) God’s Top Ten List
  2. b) The Eucharist                               d) The Decalogue


Deacon Scott