Book Club

“How The Church Has Changed The World”

The Book Club is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, November 11 at 2 p.m. (It’s yet to be determined if the group will meet in-person or virtually / on-line.) The selection for November is “How The Church Has Changed The World” by Anthony Esolen.

The book is a collection of 25 essays originally published by Magnificat (December 2013 – December 2015) that will give you a new appreciation for the Church and her mission in the world.

You know the Church supports your sacramental life, but did you know . . .

- Who created the tradition of the Christmas manger?

- Who is the father of modern genetics?

- Who developed hospitals to continue the healing work of Christ?

- That the greatest dramatist of all time was Catholic?

- And more!

"Professor Esolen's captivating style is as entertaining as it is eye-opening. A great book to affirm that God guides his Church"

Two copies of the book are available through the Library for parishioners to borrow. Anyone interested in borrowing or reserving the work, or in being notified in advance of the meeting, should contact Michael McShane ([email protected]) in the Christian Formation Office (302-644-7413).