Calendar Planning

Can you download the form here and return it to the Parish office or complete the form online below


Part I - Your Identity, Organization and Event

Part II - Date/Dates and time

1. Put down the date and the time which would include time for setup or cleanup
2. If it is a recurring event, do not put all year, you have two choices.
a. You can fill in the section with the specific dates you are having events
b. You can fill in the section which includes the year with excluded dates.
Please note: If you simply put all year with no actual dates (e.g. 4/14/17 - Good Friday) then your form will be returned to you.

A. One Time Event

B. Recurring event listing the specific dates on which you will have the event

C. OR Recurring event with the frequency of recurrence with excluded dates

Part III - Facility Desired

1. Please be aware that your event should fit the facility that is desired - if you have a meeting of 20 people and you ask for the Parish Life Center, it will be denied.

1. Forms missing required information will be returned for completion before the process of your request begins.
2. Cancellations must be submitted to the Parish Office at least 48 hours before the scheduled event/activity.
3. Be respectful of others in meetings or working nearby. keep converstions quiet in hallways. CLose classroom doors during your meeting
4. Please adhere to the guidelines for the Religious Education Center and the Parish Life Center.
5. Children must never be left unattended. All children must be supervised by a parent or authorized/cleared adult according to the provisions of the For Sake of God's children program.

In applying for use of a Parish facility, I agree to comply with all the instructions above.


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