Call for Volunteers

The future of our faith lies with our children & a solid K-10 Religious Education program for our youth ensures a strong Catholic foundation for them as well as our faith community.

Our youth Sunday morning & evening program is nearly 100% volunteer-driven, and we are blessed to have tremendously committed catechetical instructors, aides, and support volunteers; however, we are currently in need of more help and support. At present we have the following specific needs:

3rd Grade AM Catechist

3rd Grade AM Aide/assistant

7th / 8th Grade AM Catechist   

5th Grade AM Aide/Assistant

3rd / 4th Grade PM Catechist 

6th Grade PM Aide/Assistant 

6th Grade PM Catechist

Plus we can always use substitutes and other support volunteers in both our AM (9 a.m. - 10:15 just before the “Family Mass”) or PM (5:30 p.m. -  6:45) sessions.  If you have ever considered joining our Religious Education Ministry as a youth catechist or volunteer, now is the tme to do it without hesitation. Contact the Christian Formation Office at 302-644-7413 or email [email protected]