Church Renovation


We have had a significant deterioration of our church pews. They were installed some 60 years ago when the church was built and have been in need of attention long before COVID, which has hastened the need for action. Matt Ponton, our Facilities/Maintenance Manager, working with the Parish Finance Council considered options. We could recondition the existing pews or replace them. The cost to recondition them, although a little less expensive, would not provide the extended life and comfort that was part of the factors considered. Additionally, we needed to consider the time that would be needed to remove the pews, send them to the recondition firm and have them reinstalled. We would lose a considerable amount of seating over an extended period and lose the use of the church during intermittent periods.  Replacing the pews with brand new modern pews became the better option. Thus, the recommendation to Father Lewis was made and accepted. (The Diocese has also approved the project.)

As anyone who has been involved with renovations can attest, one decision leads to another issue. In this case, the flooring in the main church will need to be replaced due to the many bolt holes from the old pews and the floor itself deteriorating. This became part of the overall project. With the new pews we will be replacing the flooring with luxury vinyl tile in the pew areas and carpet in the aisles plus front and rear of the main sanctuary (same as we currently have).  The entire project will cost the parish about $190,000, which is a significant sum.

The pew manufacturer (New Holland of Lancaster PA) and the flooring contractor will coordinate their installations to minimize the time we will not have access to the church. There will be a three-week process budgeted for completion. The old pews will be removed on October 28 and 29. Both companies need a little more than two weeks to complete the full renovation. We feel it best to plan on a three-week installation period.  So, from October 28, 2021 through November 19, 2021 we will not have use of the church and Masses will be in the Parish Life Center (PLC).

The Finance Council put on their thinking caps to determine how to pay for this. The Maintenance Fund has been an important part of parish finances. As you may recall, just this past year we needed to replace the heating system in the church and we used Maintenance monies for this $100,000 replacement. We remain in a good position due to the generosity of our parishioners and will not need a special funding request as the pew project will come from the Maintenance Fund. Please keep in mind that the Maintenance Fund comes from the second collection on the first weekend of each month. Please help us with this important collection.

In the coming weeks, we will have a sample pew and flooring materials available for your view in the vestibule of the church. This will give you a good idea of what to expect. We are excited for the coming new look and comfort of our church and want to extend our thanks to each of you for your support. We have a wonderful, caring parish family.