Miscellaneous Announcements

 -  We Plan to Restore Use of the Communion Patens on Dec. 1, the first Sunday in Advent.  We need folks to volunteer to help with this effort, as we do not have enough altar servers or Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to do this.  At this time, we do not plan to schedule folks to assist but rather will count on people volunteering when they come to Mass.  We will have a brief training sessions (about 15 minutes).  These will be after the 8:30 & 10:30 AM Masses on Nov. 10, after the 4 pm Mass on Nov. 16, and after the 7 AM Mass on Nov. 17.  We appreciate your assistance with this, as it is very helpful in fostering a deeper and more profound reverence for the Real Presence of Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

- We are in the process of making some major improvements to BOTH our web site (www.stjudelewes.org) AND our Facebook page  (“St. Jude The Apostle, Lewes, DE”).  Our goal is that it become your automatic instinct to check both of these sources FIRST for the most up-to-date information and updates about the parish & events occurring.  Having said this, our Facebook page only has 191  followers – far below our total number of parishioners. We encourage you and every one in your family (all your neighbors & friends as well) to give our Facebook a “Like”, and to visit our web site regularly.  Further, if you are part of a ministry and would like to have something posted on one (or both) of these sources, please contact the Christian Formation Office (302-644-7413) or email Michael McShane or Deacon Al Barros.

-  We will have a meeting of all liturgical ministers (Lectors, Ushers, EMs, and Sacristans) on Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM in the Parish Life Center (PLC).  The meeting will consist of a general open session followed by breaking up into the respective ministerial groups.  Please make every effort to attend!

If you are 70.5 years of age or over and must take the required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA and would like to increase your contribution to St. Jude, there is a painless way to accomplish this.  Make a yearly contribution to the church and you will be able to deduct this contribution from your tax debt.  The amount of your extra income will depend upon the tax bracket you are in.  You then will be able to share some or your entire windfall with the church.  Contact Jean Stewart at St. Jude’s Parish, 302-644-7300 for details.

-  Eager to share your faith with those becoming Catholic?  Our RCIA team is looking for practicing Catholics familiar with reading the Catholic Bible, especially those who have already completed the RCIA Program. With enough volunteers, we could share so that no one would need to commit to every Sunday. Training can be provided by a member of the RCIA team.  Please contact Mary Body [email protected] or Karen P. Saracco [email protected].  You may also call the Parish Office at 302-644-7300

-  Extraordinary Ministers (EM) of the Sick.  Here are several notes from EMs. After you read them, think about giving some of your time to become an Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick. If you think you are not worthy, you are not.  Neither is Fr. Tom or Fr. Jones but God asks them to do it.  The people that I see in the nursing home and in a private homes are grateful for my visit. They love receiving Jesus and also having company for a short time . It also makes me feel good. Kathy Connell.   I’m giving communion to a 91 year old gentleman. When I finished reading the gospel, saying the Lord’s Prayer, giving him communion and a prayer, and at the end he wanted to know if that was all. Of course, I read more prayers for him.  He was such a delight.  We both enjoyed each other’s company and look forward to visiting him every week.  Clare Johnson.  In our previous parish, we were Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for the Holy Liturgy. When we joined the St. Jude Community, we decided to concentrate on the homebound. This ministry has been a blessing. The elderly couple we visit are in their 90s, and tell us how much they look forward to our visits. We always reply: How blessed we are that they are in our lives and that we are able to share the Lord with them.  Bill and Michele Polding.  Being an Extraordinary Minister has provided me with greater humility, of which I am constantly in need.  I have developed beautiful friendships and have found that I cannot wait to visit my homebound friends.  My own life is richer minute to minute.  Thank you, Lord, for the grace to administer the Blessed Body of Christ!  Viki Nitsch.  What joy it is to visit and bring the Eucharist to those who are homebound.  I feel very blessed to have met individuals who “were aware of Christ’s presence but no longer able to speak”; “to those whose communication skills are limited and their prayers said in a halting manner”; and “those who still have a twinkle in their eye and joy in their hearts as we pray”.  I also am in awe of the family members that provide daily care and lots of love to those who are homebound.  Rose Keyser  If you feel called to this ministry, or would like more information, please contact the Parish Office at 302-644-7300 for more information.