Ministry of Social Concerns


 A Ministry of Social Justice 
Pastoral Staff Liaison - Kathy Ebner

Chairman - Sheila Halfpenny
Co-Chair -
Secretary - Pieta Shukwit
Treasurer -   

Social Committees:

Care and Comfort - Diane Roth

Funeral Planning - Kathy Ebner

Good Samaritan - Helen Truitt

Health - Kathy Prioreschi

Liaison to SVDP - Jerry Krauss

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion to Sick - Lois Runco

Prayer Shawl Ministry - Birdie Galbraith

Respect Life - Barbara Heagy

Separated & Divorced - Judity Caprio

Widow and Widowers - Cathi Gelwicks
Pastoral Council - Joann Schatz
St. Vincent DePaul - Loreta Mastrangelo 

The specific objectives for each of the Salt & Light social committees are listed below:


-      Join with others in visiting state and local legislators
-      Write, phone or email legislators when needed
-      Help with advocacy phone tree. 
-      Attend issue support gatherings.

 Good Samaritan:

-        Transportation (Store, doctors, etc.)

 Nursing Home Ministry:

-        Visit the homebound
-        Visit nursing homes
-        Attend and assist at Communion Service & Masses at Nursing Homes

Care and Comfort Ministry

-     Greeters at funeral homes/funeral masses
-     Send Cards to the breaved family
-    Help at funeral masses

 Health Ministry

-        Determine health needs in the community
-        Help with Parish health projects
-        Assist with health screenings
-        Help with health information sessions

  Respect Life Ministry

-        Inform, educate and promote awareness on abortion, euthanasia, death penalty and embryonic stem cell research.
-        Annual baby bottle campaign.  Change for Life.
-        Annual March for Life at the Beach
-        National & Statewide life chains