Finance Council

President - Rev. Thomas A. Flowers

Executive Officer: Jim Blake

St. Jude The Apostle Parish Finance Council Mission Statement

The mission of the Parish Finance Council is primarily consultative:

  • to advise, assist and be a resource for our Pastor in overseeing and effectively maintaining the financial health and growth of this Roman Catholic community
  • Members of the Finance Council are active parishioners whose Christian vocation is to support and further God's work in our parish and diocese by prayerful, practical stewardship of our parish finances.


  It is the Finance Council's responsibility to provide financial stewardship to support St Jude the Apostle Parish's acts of "ordinary (regular or routine) administration" and acts of "extraordinary administration."

  • worship, sacramental and ritual activities
  • facilities and physical environment operation and maintenance
  • service, social and charitable programs
  • major financial transactions
  • financial campaigns


To accomplish this task we ask for and rely on God's grace, help and guidance in our daily lives and decision making. The Finance Council

  • acknowledges and respects the leadership of our Pastor
  • meets regularly to collaborate and propose recommendations regarding the parish's needs and challenges
  • works closely with the parish Business Manager
  • is sensitive to the needs and desires of the parish community
  • is obligated to seek out and utilize ethical professional expertise and assistance in our parish and larger community as needed
  • is a community of faith, mutual respect and support

Relying upon the grace of our God, and rejoicing in the many gifts bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit, we willingly respond to the commission of Jesus Christ to build His Kingdom until He comes again. Until that great day, we seek to live, to love and to labor while trusting that God, who began the great work in us, will bring it to completion.


Offertory Reflection Program Card


PURPOSE - To record added and deleted assets of the parish 

MEMBERSHIP -        (Chair)


- Work with the Business Manager to record all new assets and remove/delete all used up/sold/discarded assets 
- Report assets added and deleted periodically 


- Review the Diocesan Audit Report and make recommendations, if any, to the Finance Council. 
- Ascertain that the recommendations of the auditors are completed. 
- Review and test the financial controls to determine their adequacy for safeguarding the Parish's assets. 
- Report results to the Finance Council. 

MEMBERSHIP -                      (Chair)


- Determine the accuracy of the accounting records and that all financial transactions are recorded in accordance with Diocesan Policy and the Diocesan Parish Accounting Manual by testing transaction utilizing source documents. 
- Determine that the processing of the weekly offertory collections is in accordance with the Diocesan procedures by observing the process. 
- Determine that the Parish is in compliance with all federal, state and local tax laws for a non-profit organization. 
- Review the adequacy of the insurance coverage. 


PURPOSE - Communicate Parish finances and issues 

MEMBERSHIP -                         (Chair)


- Work with the Business Manager and Communications Director (staff) to: 
-Create and submit written annual and semi-annual financial reports to the     

  Finance Council for Parish distribution 
- Provide financial reports and graphs for the Parish Annual Forum. 
- Produce special reports and bulletin inserts as requested 
- Update Finance Council Mission Statement and Addenda as needed for the parish website. 
- Conduct meetings and address questions as needed 

PURPOSE - Work with the Development Office Staff to investigate, develop and expand financial resources available to the Parish. 

MEMBERSHIP - Jean Stewart (Development Director) 


- Seek annual Finance Council and Business Office alignment on desirable goals for operating reserves, longer term reserves and endowment funds. 
- Investigate Diocesan and other resources for building income, short-term and long-term reserves and endowment, including mix and types of investments for these funds as appropriate. 
- Recommend development goals, actions and timelines to Finance Council, and provide development opportunities and information for parishioners. 


PURPOSE - Raise money and coordinate fund raisers 

MEMBERSHIP -  Jean Stewart (staff), 

- Identify extra-ordinary fund raising possibilities 
- Select, recommend and present for approval appropriate methods for fundraisers 
- Assist in obtaining volunteers to operate fund raisers 
- Assist in obtaining materials to operate fund raisers 
- Work with the Development Office to coordinate schedule of various fund raisers

PURPOSE - To provide comparative information for ongoing review of parish employee compensation 



- Review job descriptions to determine that all are accurate and uniform 
- Review salary and benefits guidelines and standards from the Diocese to ensure compliance 
- Review appropriate sources available to determine an equitable salary range for each position 
- Review and update Personnel Evaluation forms and process 
- Make recommendations to Finance Council annually 


PURPOSE - To tithe 10% of current fiscal year offertory income to approved organizations located in Sussex County, Delaware or organizations that provide services to residents of Sussex County, Delaware. 


Responsibilities - 
- Review organizations that will receive a portion of the tithe, make recommendations to the Finance Council as to suitability of the organization and amount to be disbursed 
- Submit to Finance Council for approval the distribution of the tithe quarterly in July, October, January and April each year 
- Maintain a record of each recipient organization that includes the mission, principles, services provided and funding sources 
- Maintain a record of disbursements and acknowledgements to organizations selected to receive a portion of the tithe