Parish Library

St. Jude The Apostle Catholic Church

Library Donation Policy 

            The goal of the Library Committee of St. Jude The Apostle Catholic Church is to develop a quality collection of current and classic books and audiovisual materials related to Catholicism and Christianity in order to provide users, adult, youth and children, with spiritual inspiration, information, and guidance. 

            The Committee expresses its appreciation for the generosity of the many parishioners and other individuals who have offered donations of books, audiovisual materials, monetary gifts, furniture, supplies, and “adopted” books for our library.  As a result, our library has a wonderful array of topics for you to enjoy and bookshelves that are almost filled to capacity. 

            Due to limited space, the Committee has developed the following criteria for donated items:

  1. An item must have a copyright date no older than 10 years, unless it is a religious classic with a current reprint date, within the past 10 years. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis upon the approval of the Library Committee.
  2. The Library does not accept cassette recordings, VHS, videotapes, magazines or pamphlets.
  3. The Library will keep no more than 2 copies of the same title. Exceptions may be made on the recommendation of the Christian Formation Director and approval of the Library Committee.
  4. Items concerning Catholic faith and morals must have an Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat, the official sanction of the Catholic Church.
  5. Items must not have any markings, underlining, highlighting, or pages that are yellowed.
  6. Items must be clean and in a condition that would be inviting to users. 


January 2019