Pastoral Council

The Code of Canon Law (Canon 536) states that the bishop, after listening to his priests' council, may require that parishes in his diocese have pastoral councils.  Such councils are to function according to the norms and guidelines established by the bishop.  These indicate the bishop’s will for pastoral councils in the diocese.  In the Diocese of Wilmington pastoral councils have been in place since the close of Vatican II.  It is required that every parish in the Diocese of Wilmington has a functioning parish pastoral council.  Each council is to have a constitution and a set of by-laws which are to be drafted according to these diocesan norms and guidelines.


Bylaws of the Pastoral Council

Purpose & Function:


  •  Help the pastor identify pastoral needs in the parish. 
  •  Assist the pastor with planning pastoral programs and to improve pastoral services. 
  •  Evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and services with a view to their improvement, or at times, their substitution or termination.
  •  Primary advisory body for the pastor. 
  •  Appointed by the pastor.
  •  Functions as the spokes in the wheel of the parish. 
  •  Stands ready to assist the pastor in any and all matters which are brought to its attention. 
  •  Offers opinions sincerely after careful thought, deliberation prayer and all times in a spirit of collaboration and charity. 

What Is Required To Be A Member Of The  Pastoral Council?


  •  Must be  a confirmed member of the parish.
  •  Apply for membership on the pastoral council.
  •  Make a three year commitment
  •  Must be regularly practicing the faith
  •  Desire to make a change and/or impact the parish.
  •  Capable of writing reports from the various ministries.
  •  Familiarization with a computer.
  •  Capable of attending at least one monthly meeting
  •  Act as the liaison and/or ambassador from the pastoral council to other parish ministries.


Why be a member of The Pastoral Council


  •  The privilege and honor to be selected to be an advisory voice to the pastor.
  •  Receive first-hand information regarding what is happening in the parish
  •  Be an Active part in the decision making for the future of the parish.
  •  Apply your God-given talents so that others may benefit. 


The members of the  Pastoral Council at St. Jude’s wish to thank each of you for taking your time to read this information.  
We are always seeking new and future of the Pastoral Council. 
We invite all members of the parish to attend our regularly scheduled meetings the third Tuesday of each month, starting at 6:30 P.M. in the Christian Formation Center.
If there are any other questions that you may have, regarding the Pastoral Council, please contact any member of the Pastoral Council or the Parish Office.  
There names are listed on the leadership board in the church vestibule. 

May God Bless Us As We Move Forward!





Council Members
Position Name End of Term
President Fr. Brian Lewis N/A
Executive Officer Penny Olivi May 2025
Secretary Lora Franceschina May 2026
Member at Large, Executive Committee Vacant  
Member at Large, Executive Committee John Urbanski May 2025
Council Member Anne Marth May 2025
Council Member Matt McConnell   May 2026
Council Member Ed Newman May 2024
Council Member Evelyn St. Martin May 2024
Council Member Larry Walton May 2024
Ex Officio Deacon Al Barros (Clergy)  
Ex Officio Bob Clark (Finance Council)  
Ex Officio Michael McShane (Director Faith Formation)  
Ex Officio Chuck Allen (Facilities)